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The city of Cambridge with ultraviolet particles instead of the street lamps

2015-06-03 15:06:02

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on October 22nd, the Cambridge Municipal Committee, using a called "Starpath" technology, laying the ultraviolet particles in the road, these particles will turn blue after sunset, make the road light in the night. The technology is expected to become the new trend of the future of street lighting.

It is reported, "Starpath" technology was developed by UK Surrey Pro-Teq Surfacing, trial in a park in Cambridge city. The luminescent particles spread on the standard road, then spray a layer of protective film on the top, to maintain the luminous effect. The absorption of light particles during the day at night released. In addition, when laying can also choose a different color, so that in the dark environment, create a cycle path effects. The Council said, may also choose other places the road paving.

Pro-Teq Surfacing owner Hamish Scott said: "the end of the service life of existing roads, municipal committee often need to spend a lot of money to conduct a comprehensive renovation and replacement. Our product performance and price ratio is very high, the laying of fast, and pavement anti slide. Customers can also choose the size and color. In addition, the road is not only environmentally friendly, but also beautiful." Scott think, in today"s era of rising energy costs, "Starpath" as a kind of energy saving techniques, it is effective and feasible choice.