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City road lighting shall be carried out with energy saving and emission reduction

2015-06-03 15:07:26

First of all, "lighting" is not equal to the beautiful. A city of beautiful is composed of the city"s history, culture, cultural landscape, ethnic customs and other factors. Apparently city is not more bright more beautiful. City lighting is needed, on the holiday lights lit, in order to create an atmosphere, that"s no ground for blame. But usually there is no need to be overly "lighting". Many countries in Europe and the United States had a prosperous city lighting period, but it is too soon to have died down. Of course, our city "bright project" not "give up eating for fear of choking off", if the city landscape lighting, will give people travel, traffic safety, public security management bring a lot of trouble. Key of city lighting is not excessive.

1. In the city lighting construction should not be excessive advocate "lighting", should pay attention to promoting greening, beautification, purification.

2. The introduction of intelligent control, so that the public lighting can be automatically adjusted according to the different regions, different sections, different time, saving energy. Lighting city image project proposal delayed 30 minutes to open, closed 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

3. "Bright project" city planning and construction should fully embody the characteristics of "people-oriented, people first, economical and practical, save energy, protect environment". Abide by the ecological principle and the principle of energy saving, proper control of the color and brightness, mainly to beautify the city, highlight the natural. Vigorously promote the green lighting, especially the government and the public should try to use the energy-saving lamps certification. In addition to the major festivals, in meeting the lighting requirements of light, reduce the number, as far as possible the use of natural light, disable the high energy consumption lamps. To improve the supervision mechanism, and resolutely stop excessive lighting harass the people and waste money.

4. Establish build a conservation oriented city, the human and the nature harmonious city concept. In strict accordance with the State Council and the competent department of city lighting requirements, limiting the decorative landscape lighting, let the city "bright engineering", but not extravagant. To control and scientific management of all kinds of landscape lighting, billboards and neon lamp. Pay attention to reduce the high power and high light, strictly limit the light pollution, to guide the city lighting development to "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, health" direction.