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A neglected part of street lamp

2015-06-03 15:07:48

In order to make the street lamp sealing well, so as to achieve a higher level of dustproof and waterproof, contact surface of the shell of the transparent cover, in addition to fine processing, ensure no apparent porosity, have a good quality (flexibility is good, not easy ageing) rubber sealing ring, such as neoprene rubber. In addition, the connecting buckle between the transparent cover and the shell (hasp) is also very important, its quality will directly affect the sealing performance of the lamp.

There was a suggestion that, due to the changing light and various aspects of maintenance, the street lamp to be completely sealed not practical, but also because the street lights going on and off, the pressure difference, to be completely sealed in fact is difficult to do, as the use of felt. Although it does not block air flow, but through the filtering function block dust, insects and water droplets, dust etc.. Of course not what mat can be used, it must meet some special requirements, such as waterproof, temperature resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, cracking, and the need to inject insecticide and fungicide.