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Beijing test intelligent street lamp: can penetrate fog

2015-06-03 15:08:43

Recently, under the street lamp on Nanfeng road Changping City, Beijing Changping power supply company road maintenance department staff are debugging intelligent lighting street lamps. As a pilot project in Beijing City of street lamps, energy-saving high-pressure sodium lamp not only than ordinary street lamp 60% of the road, but because the use of good penetrating source of sodium, in the fog and haze can shine farther.

"These street lights have "brain", can change the brightness as the weather changes." The person in charge of the project said, the Internet of things technology into the street reconstruction, smart chip is mounted on a street lamp magnetic ballast, by means of remote intelligent management system, the staff can light adjustment for any of a street lamp, can also according to the vehicle flow in different period of time, sections in different seasons and weather conditions, to adjust the lighting.

"Not only that, our patrol lamp efficiency has improved a lot." Staff Xuzhao Ling told reporters, before they can only be found through the device which road street lamp is broken, as to which is broken, they rely on people walking the street looking for. "After the transformation of each street light has "brain" and "central nervous system", once broken the first time will be able to the control system, we can quickly rushed to the street light at the inspection and repaire!"